Established Canadian Defence Export Control

Edward BanayotiEdward Banayoti established Canadian Defence Export Control Ltd, which offers export compliance services to companies within the Defence sector.

Canadian Defence Export Control Ltd. assists businesses & companies seeking to export defence materials from Canada.


  • Export controls are applied as a means to regulate trade in specific lists of military and dual-use goods and technologies
  • Objective is to ensure that exports of certain goods and technology are consistent with Canada’s foreign and defence policies
  • Currently, the Export and Import Permits Act authorizes the Minister of Foreign Affairs to issue any resident of Canada a permit to export items on the Export Control List or to any country on the Area Control List

Examples to follow:

  • USA – International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
    • ITAR regulates the export of defence and aerospace articles, technology and materials from the US
    • The Directorate of Defence Trade Controls (DDTC) is responsible for enforcing ITAR
    • ITAR implements the Arms Export Control Act (AECA)
  • Global – International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9000 on Quality Management)
    • ISO does not provide certification nor issue certificates; they only develop international standards
    • ISO certification must be done through a different certification body, not ISO themselves.

Canadian Defence Export Control Ltd. is an independent subsidiary of CORNERSTONE Holdings Corp.

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Canadian Defence Export Control Ltd.

86-50 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Suite 53 Mississauga, ON L5B3C2, Canada.

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